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The Wellness Pack

$83.79/month + tax, when bought as a 3-month supply; includes:

The Workout Pack

$107.81/month + tax, when bought as a 3-month supply; includes:

The Women's Pack

$115.98/month + tax, when bought as a 2- or 4-month supply; includes:

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Available Nordic Naturals Products

I carry any Nordic Naturals product you can buy online or at a store such as Whole Foods (and at the same or cheaper prices).  But freshness and authenticity are guaranteed.  See prices and links to specific products below.


Teens, Kids & Babies

What supplements do you really need (or not need)?  Check out this post.

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Adults (many adult products can also be used for kids/teens--and vice versa--with adjusted dosing):

Kids & Teens:

Additional products in the Nordic Naturals line also available.
Why pay more for a high-quality omega-3?

In many cases with the supplements above, I may be able to save you money.  But you'll also find that the price tag on the omega-3s may be higher than what you'd find at a corner drugstore.  Why?  Check out: for why that Costco or Walmart brand of fish oil isn’t worth taking. Think of supplements like food--along with your snacks & meals, they provide the building blocks for your body. You really are what you eat. So don’t go for the cheap stuff. Quality supplements mean that they’re usually more pure (especially in the case of fish oils or probiotics), contain the more well-researched, bioavailable forms of the nutrients, have fewer additives (such as artificial colors or sweeteners), and contain no cheap fillers or bulking agents. This is a case of you (usually) get what you pay for.